About Us

In the business of creating custom applications and hardware

Dedication to success by providing a means to a successful end, using state-of-the-art technology and tools. Extensive knowledge from the ground up in hardware design, operating systems, line-of-business software and the tools and technology to get the job done.

Company history

Over 10 years as MicroTopics, Inc. and in the business of consultation, providing resources and software and hardware solutions. Located in Branson, MO, owed an operated by Johnny Wild, President and entrepreneur. Mr. Wild has a broad background in electronics, multi-processor system design and manufacturing. Many years (30+) as a solid business manager, and hands-on line-of-business application design, delivery and support. 


Extensive knowledge and experience in installing, setup and maintaining Microsoft operating systems, hardware for desktop or Server systems.

* Windows 7, 8 or 10

* Windows Server 2008 to 2012

* Network wiring and routers, firewalls

* SQL Server 2005 - 2012

* IoT Devices and programming

Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft Partner